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Materialising Migration: Transcultural Textiles in Germany

Materialising Migration: Transcultural Textiles in Germany examines how contemporary artists engage with textiles to explore transcultural encounters between different countries in the Middle East and Germany (including German speaking countries). The thesis is divided into two sections: Section 1 focuses on the use of textile construction and embellishment processes (weave, stitch and print) as metaphors for representing cultural encounters; Section 2 examines how textile artworks, created using the processes explored in Section 1, renegotiate cultural perceptions of the body and space to explore cultural encounters further. Analysing how the artworks engage with concepts concerning the body and space, situates the corpus and the associated artistic practices within broader contemporary dialogues concerning form and reception, alongside the current debate addressing migration to Germany. The artists featuring in this study all renegotiate polarizing views of ‘Oriental’ and ‘Occidental’ cultural interactions, to materialise the broader and complex realities of contemporary cultural encounters between the Middle East and Germany.